Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress is an art. Not only to you see the results of great print work, but you also feel it in the paper. Each letter creates a slight indentation in the paper allowing you to run your finger over the finished product and feel each curve and in the characters.  Coupled with branding and great design the message a simple business card can deliver packs a serious punch.

We have teamed up with a local letterpress printers to offer you options at affordable prices. Choose from our basic designs (great for a starter company), which we will customize with your own credentials, or send us your own logo and we will customize the card to include your own branding.

Prices are quoted below and are for black and white color only. Please email with any specific queries and we can advise you what to do to get your project the best results: info@presseddesigns.com

(For simple designs to download and print yourself please visit our downloads page. This page is for letterpress designs only)

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