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I recently noticed I was getting a few hits on some of the websites I manage from the following source: After realizing the site has nothing to do with any of the site I manage, its was clear that this was some form of spamming.

But don't worry too much about it, it seems that it is pretty harmless, much like the spam you would get in your email (i.e. frustrating!). It can however mess up your analytic's by notching up a few more hits on your bounce rate and maybe reduce your average time spent on the site.  It may also come from two different sources at the moment:


It also seems there is a way to block spam like this if you know the I.P address.  Here is a Google Support Forum Post. That article coupled with this article from Ri Web is where I found my info. Both have quite a few comments that are worth reading through to hear a few other voices on the matter.




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