Making it look real….but not too real

I really enjoyed this article. Design is always striving to make things more intuitive, but what happens when an old method of doing things is obsolete? Should we hold on to nostalgia?


  1. Harry says:

    I totally agree, nice post of that article.

    I think that's why I couldn't use an iPad or Android tablet to read books. The Kindle is awesome for this reason, and uses little power.

    • pdesigns says:

      I agree, Kindle is a great device. There's not much I can fault on it. Saying that have you ever used Flipboard on an iPad or iPhone? I think that does a great job of pulling in information from many different sources and making it easy to flip through and read what you want.

      • Harry says:

        Yeah I've seen Flipboard on a Galaxy SIII, and it looks slick, but it's just another mechanism through which to consume small quantities of info. Which is fine, it has it's merits. I'm thinking about buying an SIII, played with one a few days ago, and wow, really liked it.


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