Pressed Designs / December 2005 - Present

Self run website & graphic design company. Pressed Designs has taken on many different aspects of the design world, from small business start up websites, logo design, and blogs, to full company branding and online stores. On some occasions I have worked as project manager and directed a team of 3 - 5 to develop a project.

Graphic Designer

Flathead Beacon / July 2010 - Ongoing

I worked as a part time graphic designer for the Flathead Beacon. This position was on an as needed basis for busy periods during the week and special projects. Lance Ferny, the newspaper manager is available as a reference.

I.T Support & Managment

Ongoing | Project Based

I have worked on a diverse range of IT projects from setting up small and medium size offices, trouble shooting hardware and software issues, networking to most recently volunteering my time for as a Tier 2 Technical Support agent for a scheduling system designed by and for an international volunteer organization


April 2008 - Present | Project Based

Undertaken a diverse range of photography projects including weddings and events, live shows, product, studio, marketing, lifestyle and architecture.

E-Commerce Projects

Multiple Projects

I have experience with designing, implementing and managing E commerce applications. These include frameworks such as Wordpress and Magneto. Some of these projects have been a turnkey solution with all data entry and payment system integrated and tested, others have included training for clients to update the system with products themselves, and make system preference changes to manage the day to day running of the system.

Social Media Marketing

Multiple Projects

I have experience with blogging platforms, newsletter management, multiple social media platforms and integrating all these aspects to shape an online marketing campaign.

Graphic Design

Multiple Projects

Projects include print work such as business cards, business stationary, trade show banners and marketing material, coffee shop print work, tickets, posters and flyers for events and advertising design for newspapers. I have also worked on digital design projects such as logo design, website design mock-ups, user experience testing and photography.




Experience Level: Advanced [6 Years]

I use all aspects of photoshop, from photography and typography to vector based images and color proofing. I use the program in conjunction with other programs such as InDesign, Lightroom and Illustrator. I use photoshop to design logos and graphics for print work as well as create wire-frames for website pages and all the elements within the page.


Experience Level: Advanced [4 Years]

InDesign is my tool of choice for all layout and print design work. I have used InDesign for everything from business cards and labels to advert design for newspapers and compiling a whole 52 page outdoor magazine (see links below).


Experience Level: Advanced [3 Years]

Lightroom is one of my favorite programs to work with. It makes initial edits to photos easy, and it is a fantastic tool for archiving and organizing photography and video. I have used this program for all my shoots.


Experience Level: Intermediate [4 Years]

I generally use Illustrator for larger projects and even then, I use it in conjunction with photoshop and inDesign to work on specific elements of a project. I have used Illustrator specifically for designing labels and trade show material, such as large banners and stalls.


Experience Level: Intermediate [8 Years]

Combined with the FTP plugin and working directly with a server, dreamweaver is one of my favorite tool for managing, editing and designing larger projects.


Experience Level: Intermediate [6 Years]

I have used flash for projects based on usability and as a method for marketing. Although this seems to be a technology that is slowly being phased out, I believe it still can be of use in certain environments.

Final Cut

Experience Level: Basic [2 Years]

Very basic grasp of this program. I have the ability to import and export files for the correct devices, cut edit and color correct. I also have experience in mixing the audio for use with video. Advanced use of this program, such as graphics and effects, are not something I have delved into yet.

Microsoft Office Suite

Experience Level: Advanced [10+ Years]

I have experience with all of the office suite, including the advanced use of formulas in Excel.

Open Office Suite

Experience Level: Advanced [5+ Years]

I have used Open Office since it was in beta. It is a great replacement to the expensive Microsoft Office Suite with all the functionality of the latter.

SwishMax - All versions

Experience Level: Intermediate [5 Years]

SwishMax is another brands version of Adobe Flash. It is designed with the basic user in mind. Not as powerful as Adobe Flash, it is a secondary solution but creates banners, and slideshows with ease and is an application I have experience with for very small basic flash projects.


Experience Level: Advanced [10+ Years]

HTML is in use in all of my project. I have been working with HTML since my teens.


Experience Level: Intermediate [8+ Years]

I have extensive experience with CSS and use CSS in all my web development projects. I have currently been researching and using LESS which is a dynamic style sheet language. LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior using functions, variables and operations. This is a great solution for large projects.


Experience Level: Intermediate [1 Years]

Release in January 2011, HTML5 is a solution for mobile design, cross browser design and much more . Its an answer to the media rich environment the internet has now become. I have been incorporating aspects of HTML5 in projects over the last year, and enjoy projects that benefit from its use as they contribute to a rich user experience.


Experience Level: Intermediate [4 Years]

C++ was my initial introduction to programming languages and the theory of this language was used to demonstrate other fundamentals of all programming languages as well as system design

ASP, PHP, COBALT, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery etc

Experience Level: Intermediate [8+ Years]

As a computer systems graduate I have grasped the theory of many programming languages. The above languages are ones that I have worked with for different projects.


Experience Level: Intermediate [4 Years]

Setup, customization, and management of multiple frameworks including Wordpress, Magento, Drupal



University of Limerick

B.Sc Computer Systems / 2000 - 2005

Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems - course details can be found here: http://www.csis.ul.ie/course/LM051/. Among some of the skills, knowledge and abilities attained from this course, the most prominent include the ability to select appropriate languages, tools and methods for given problem situations and develop and validate solutions using appropriate technology.



Adobe Certification


Currently pursuing certification from Adobe for a range of their applications.


Print Work Samples - Links

http://issuu.com/montanaelements - Full magazine design

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Flickr Profile - Ticket Design

Flickr Profile - Newspaper Front Page

Flickr Profile - Invitation Design

Digital Samples - Links

http://montanaelements.com - Logo design, Website

http://www.boilerroombrew.com - Website design, logo, printwork, social media

http://www.sanjuanisland.com - Website re-design, logo, social media, blogging

Silver Tip Construction - Logo design, website design, printwork