Can you take credit cards?

With pleasure, however depending on the amount there may be a service charge.

Do you have an hourly rate?

Yes I do.  I mostly like to work out a schedule for each project. That way there are no surprises when you are invoiced.

Can I buy you a beer and talk about this project I have in mind?


I'm on a budget, any chance I can get that proposal price down a little?

I'm always open to negotiation. My proposals are based on delivering the best possible designs for your particular project. Lowering the costs mean eliminating features and shaving off time here and there. Cheap estimates always result in cheap projects. Its a sliding scale.  

Do I detect an accent?

Yes. I'm from Ireland

This project estimate says it will take x weeks to complete, I need it in x days

Most projects have to be finished yesterday. I understand this. However I do work on multiple projects at the same time as I need to pay the bills. If you do need a project by a given date, please state this as soon as is possible. I always try and work this in. However please be aware, I have a small team, and sometimes it just boils down to, first come first serve.

I have a question can I call you and ask you about it?

Please do. I'm more then happy to hear from you. If it requires me doing any investigation or coding, please do not be offended if I advise that I might have to charge.